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Silver & 14k Gold Teardrop Hoop


  • 14k rose gold
  • Hammered dark sterling silver
  • Elegant, and artisanal

The hammered dark silver hoops speak to the artisanal roots of this earring.

A 14k gold ear wire and ring set this piece apart.

Great for daily wear. A nice mix of class with its roots in handcraft.

Product Description


Sizing & Fit:

The dark silver and gold teardrop hoop comes with a 14k rose gold ear wire and ring.

The teardrop hoop is hammered dark sterling silver.

The earring is approximately 4.7cm (~2″) long from the top of the gold ear wire to the bottom of the ~2cm wide silver hoop.

You’ll receive a unique piece that looks very similar to the photo. Natural materials and human hands assure that no two pieces will ever be exactly alike– which is a good thing!

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