Finding a Dinosaur Bone


You see I found a dinosaur bone. More precisely, a Cretaceous marine reptile bone. That official looking title at the top was part of a report I received recently from Natural Resources Canada to document my little discovery. For months I’ve been telling people about this amazing bone sticking out of an outcrop near my […]

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Dark Silver Rhodonite Amulet


Dark Silver Rhodonite Amulet This is such an understated and simple little thing. Not too far removed from the Earth I mined it from. Yet, it has grown to be one of my favourites: small and with great depth. Instead of a common cabochon the stone is a softly faceted octagonal cut rhodonite with a […]

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Petroglyph III


For the sake of posterity, I’ll include an orthophoto of the most famous Salt Spring petroglyph: the seal carving in Drummond Park, Fulford Harbour. Rather than an artsy photo, I’ve put together an orthophoto so you can really see the shape of the carving. I really don’t know that much about the petroglyphs of our […]

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Petroglyph II


Here is the other petroglyph I noticed on Salt Spring. Does anyone know what it means?   An orthophoto with background faded: Scale is about 12″ from top to bottom. Below is a stippled representation:   Here’s my theory: This petroglyph was found near  a known clam-digging midden. Perhaps the elongated head of the semi-human […]

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Petroglyph I

facebg copy

The most famous Salt Spring Petroglyph depicts a seal. You can see it at Drummond Park in Fulford Harbour. But everyone knows about that one… In my wanderings, I’ve found a couple of other petroglyphs around the island. I don’t really know if these are common knowledge, or even if people find this as interesting […]

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Forged Taper Silver Hoops


  Forged Taper Silver Hoops It’s an age-old design as easily worn today as it has been throughout human history. Smooth mirror finish. The reason you don’t see this exact style of hoop often today, is that it takes a lot of work to produce. Probably ten times as much labour for a very slightly […]

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Flowerstone Cabochon Cuff Bracelet


Flowerstone Cabochon Cuff This is one of my best bracelets because the design doesn’t get in the way of the stone. Both sides of the stone are polished and presented in an open bezel. The solid silver frame is fluid and feminine, keeping the stone on your wrist effortlessly. Swooping, bright, solid sterling silver wraps […]

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Flowerstone Side Cuff Bracelet


Flowerstone Side Cuff with 14k Bead Here is a flower that won’t fade. A single stone “flower” of crystals is set in a modern cuff bracelet. Flowerstone blossoms capture a beautiful moment in earth’s history, frozen in time. A 14k gold bead adds warmth and elegance.   The flowerstone side cuff bracelet features a single […]

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Hammered Drop Earrings


You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make something beautiful. The hammered texture here really does it for me. Hammered Drop Earrings Shiny. One word is all most people need to describe these earrings: shiny. Curved drop style with french ear wires. Made of bright hammered sterling silver, you can see yourself in the mirror […]

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Solid Silver Spiral Hoops


I really like the spiral pattern. It makes these earrings catch the light and sparkle about a million times more than just a round hoop. In three sizes: Bold Gypsy! Medium And, Petite (above) Lake&Co. Solid Silver Spiral Hoops I designed these hoops because I wasn’t happy with what I saw my friends and family […]

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Rhodonite Talisman


Rhodonite Talisman This was actually the first design I made with rhodonite. It’s so incredibly minimal I would only call it “design” by definition. It relies mostly on the pleasing shape of the stone and the intrigue of its natural colour. When I was first researching rhodonite around 2008, I read about the folk history […]

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The Unsung Beauty of Quartz

Vein Quartz in Salt Spring Forest

A Striking Vein: I was out for a little geological adventure the other day, as a fellow does. I came across this beautiful quartz vein. It struck right across a bright clearing, in an otherwise dark and mossy north-facing part of the forest. What really took me was just how pure white it was. Yes, if […]

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Handmade Gemstone Cufflinks… For Gentlemen

Wearing cufflinks

Men are typically left out when it comes to gemstone jewellery–or any jewellery for that matter. Luckily, the modern man has a few bastions of tasteful adornment that are not only acceptable, but superior! Cufflinks are the topic of the day. “Really? Cufflinks…” you say in your most “2013-non-french-cuff-wearingest” indignant tone. Yes. Cufflinks. They are […]

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