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2″ Forged Silver Hoop


  • Sterling Silver
  • Hand-Wrought From Thick Silver
  • Bright Polished Finish

These hoops could have been made a thousand years ago. Who knows where and when the first human made earrings like these…

It’s an age-old design as easily worn today as it has been throughout human history.

Smooth mirror finish.

The reason you don’t see this exact style of hoop often today, is that it takes a lot of work to produce. Thick Sterling Silver is forged into an elegant tapered form by hand, then made into the earring you see.

Product Description


Sizing & Fit:

Made of sterling silver brought to a high polish, you can see yourself in the mirror finish of this timeless piece.

Hoops measure 2″ across (3cm)

The 2″ forged hoops are somewhat stiff, but really quite springy. These are easier to put on than the 1″ forged hoops, yet still secure.

You’ll receive a unique piece that looks very similar to the photo but not identical. Natural materials and human hands assure that no two pieces will ever be exactly alike– which is a good thing!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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